Zion's Giving

As a church we have chosen to give away to other charitable organisations 10% of our income . On this page we will try to list those organisations that we are giving to each year. 2020 giving is not yet agreed. 

Here are some of the groups we supported recently:

These first six we tend to support each year  at around £1000 per annum. 

Christian Aid; Tearfund; Network Counselling; Crisis Centre Ministries; Bristol Methodist Centre (LincolnSt); New Futures Nepal  

Other donations were given as one offs:

·       Bristol Hospitality Network £1000

·       One25 £1000

·       Unseen £1,000

·       Bristol Churches Homeless, Project-Churches winter night shelter £1,000

·       Wild Goose £1000

·       Bristol Churhces City Fund £1000

·       Leprosy Mission £500

·       Local Street Pastors £300

·       Open Doors £300

·       Amensty International £200

·       Compassivia (Elisa&Marcos Brazil) £300

If you want any more information about these projects please contact us. 

Alongside this, we often have events that directly support particular charities, see forthcoming events to support these in the future.