Fellowship Groups

  At Zion our aim is that each person should have a chance to grow their relationship with God, with others in the fellowship and also back out in the world. Hopefully everything we do helps that, but many would say fellowship groups are the most important part. We encourage all our members to be part of a group. We have monthly groups, weekly groups and we are experimenting with groups every two weeks.

  There are 10+ fellowship groups at Zion, plus youth groups.  Then there are groups like "Saturday Friends" and Zion Lunch Club for those on their own. Groups like Zion Fellowship, Ladies Circle, Men's Breakfast, Girls Allowed  and Knit and Natter also help to make each person feel that they belong. 

Anyway what is a fellowship group?

A fellowship group is a small group of people who meet together on a regular basis. They often do social things together, they pray for one another, but at the core of the fellowship group is a time to let God speak to us from the Bible. Sometimes we look at a book of the bible, at other times we look at themes. Our aim though is to understand what God is saying to us in our everyday lives, both as individuals and as groups or in society.

Are new people welcome?

A new member of a fellowship group is something that every fellowship group needs. Whether that person has loads of experience as a Christian, or is not even sure if they are a Christian. The one may offer wisdom, the other offers the great gift of real questions which can so often lead everyone to a richer understanding.

What to do next?

If you would like to join a group, please contact the Church office and let us know you are interested.