Building and Art

WIndow art

People often comment about the pictures in the window of the Church Sanctuary. These were created for us by Julie Kingcott.

There are other notable pieces of artwork....

First there is the Stain Glass Cross, which was made by two of our members, Chris and the late Susan BurleyZion Church Cross in stained glass window

Glass mosaic window art designed and made as part of a community project, led by one of our former members Judith Ryder

Glass Mosaic window art by Judith Ryder          Glass Mosaic window art by Judith Ryder


'All are welcome in this place' embroidery

Altar and lectern

Altar and lectern supplied by Fuller Finer Furniture


There is also the Welcome Sign... which was constructed using Tiles, as we concluded the refurbishments for the church:

The Buildings themselves were renovated in 2013

Empty BEacon