National Prayer Weekend 27-29th Sept

As part of our engagement with this years National Weekend of Prayer where we are encouraged to pray together for our community and our world we are hoping to achieve 24 hours of continuous prayer. This will be hosted both at a Prayer Room which we set up at Zion, and also in people's own houses etc. You can sign up below to pray for an hour, you can do this as individuals and also as small groups etc.  (we are hoping that the Young People will help us to 'Pray through the Night!' As they are having a 'Prayover.')

Please let us pray from 9am on Friday 27th Sept right through to Saturday morning. We will finish praying at 9am in this format, however at around 9am on the Friday we are hoping to undertake a 'Prayer Walk' around the village (details to follow.) Also in the Saturday Morning there will be a 'Prayer Concert' from 10-12 noon... including Prayer Stations with the joint themes of loving God and loving our neighbour. During this time refreshments will also be available so people can engage at whatever level they are comfortable with. 

24 hours of Prayer: 9 am Fri 27th -9 am Sat 28th

Please sign up below:  (It is OK to sign up for more than one hour, either at home or at Zion or both.) When you have clicked in the boxes you are willing to pray for please hit 'Send Form.' Your Name is essential so that we know who is praying, your email will simply be helpful so that we can send you any materials for prayer and confirm your timings etc. 

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 Youth Sleepover

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 Youth Sleepover

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