Prayer and Bible reading

To see a copy of this month's Prayer Diary please click here

We hold monthly Prayer Meetings, often via Zoom. Go to forthcoming events, for details

We hold Friday Morning 'listening' Prayers in person or via text etc. For details contact the office. Please see notes below from our latest meeting.

Prayer 17.05.24

Also both the URC and Methodist Churches nationally are providing some live worship on Sundays and some daily devotions: The links are below... and below that are some 'normal' prayer ideas as well.




which many have found helpful, especially when facing difficulties.
It is attributed to Thomas More:

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for all you have given me.

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for all you have taken away from me. (take time to reflect)

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for all you have left me.

A helpful prayer from  the Inspire network: 

The Father's embrace

Jesus lead me into the Father's embrace (stop for a moment and imagine the Father's love)

Father fill me with the Holy Spirit  (stop once more and ask the Spirit to fill you.)

Spirit help me to walk with Jesus (it is time to go about your daily business...)

As a church we are embracing the "INSPIRE" way of life.. which in a nutshell is to love God and neighbour.


We follow various patterns and plans for our teaching program on Sundays and in fellowship groups. These can often be found by referring to our Preaching Plan and rota's page. (You will need a login for this, available from the office). However other sites offer a selection of helps to aid your own devotions, here are some which others have found helpful:

Bible Reading:

The word live site from scripture union is really helpful. Here you can meditate on a bible passage using a technique called lectio divina, or be led through some daily readings and reflections. There are comments and sometimes music to complement the reading, you can even have the bible passage read to you! Just click on the links to give it a go. You can even be reminded via a daily email if you wish! 


Many of us also find a pattern of daily prayer helpful. Here is a potential pattern that may help you. (PS  this is offered to help you love God and neighbour, it is not an end in itself so please do not fall into the trap of feeling guilty if you miss a day, a week or a month!)

The Northumbria Community  just click on the links for either morning, midday, evening or daily compline (night) prayer.

For more Prayer idea's right through the year...visit the faith and worship site, for loads of helpful ideas and prayers.