Matt 26:40.... Jesus returned to the disciples and found them asleep. He said to them, 

"Couldn’t you watch with me even one hour?"

 This page contains links and details of various 'aids' that may help you to 'watch with Jesus' for an hour or so over this Easter period and think about: 

What the cross of Jesus Christ means to you? 

 Please do not attempt to use all of these resources... but choose one or two and find a time to use them. 

We have split these resources into 3 sections:

Meditations (both biblical and other)

Creative Activities

Activities for Young People/Children  
(Adults may also enjoy some of these activities particularly the sensory 'Journey through Easter' pdf from Engage Worship or even the 'Playmobile Easter' or our own Assembly Team's 'Peter's Lego Easter!') 

These are just some ideas... but simply find a way to ponder What the Cross of Christ means to you. 

When you have completed your meditation Stephen has created a short video as a conclusion: 

Here is a link to the Good Friday conclusion (available after 3pm on Good Friday)

If you missed the 12 noon intro:  

Here is a link to the Good Friday service of Introduction(available from 12 noon Good Friday)