razzamatazz robots

A holiday club at Zion United Church

From the 29th July - 2nd August

From 10:00AM-12:30AM

For current(2018-2019) reception - year 6

Free of charge

Register here : CLICK for online form

Also there is a competition for the best coloured in flyer so: CLICK HERE to download it

The Razzamatazz Robots holiday club is a chance for your child to have fun and learn that we were not made to be 'robots!' We were made to enjoy God, the world and one another! So we'll play games, enjoy crafts, tell bible stories, watch a soap opera, sing and play with puppets and do things 'Robots's' just can't!

Spaces maybe limited, we will prioritise those who can attend the majority of the week so please register and we will inform you as soon as we can of your place/s. (No places can be guaranteed after 16th July, so please register before this if possible.)